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Discover Healthful Solutions by Heather and get started on your journey to health and wellness. I specialize in finding the root causes of your symptoms and imbalances and create a personalized plan to rebalance your body. With an in-depth intake process, functional lab testing, and an integrative approach, I'm here to help you regain energy, vitality, and health. Let's get started!

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Heather Kornfuehrer

Healthful Solutions by Heather is dedicated to helping you reach your optimal health and wellness goals. I will work with you one-on-one, providing a personalized plan that is tailored to meet your individual needs. My mission is to empower you to heal your body, reduce your stress and take control of your health. I believe that you deserve to live a life of abundance and well-being, and I am passionate about helping you get there.


Columbia College, BA

Interdisciplinary Studies


Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) II 

Reiki II Practitioner

My health journey began in 2011 when my dad suddenly passed away and my body experienced severe health issues triggered by grief and stress. I saw multiple specialists and ultimately received a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and neutropenia. The rheumatologist I was seeing urged me to begin taking multiple medications, but after researching the side effects and long-term effects of the drugs, I knew I wanted to find an alternative solution. That is when I became a patient of Dr. Amy Myers. Dr. Myers did a full Functional Medicine work up on me and was able to determine the root causes of the symptoms expressing in my body. Through lifestyle and dietary changes and replenishing my body with nutrients I was deficient in, I was able to heal, and it changed everything! 


In 2013 I gave birth to a son with Down syndrome. David has been instrumental in teaching me so much about life, health, genetics, acceptance, love, and the importance of helping others. He changed my life and although it has not always been an easy road, it has been a path full of beauty and opportunities for growth in all areas of my life.


I enjoy spending my time learning about epigenetics, nutrigenomics, alternative and holistic healing practices, and energy healing modalities. On a typical day you will find me at the gym, taking nature walks with our dog Lulu, and hanging with my husband, and three children, or spending time with our dear friends. 

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